AS/A level Mathematics professional development

The AMSP provides a wide range of professional development for teachers of AS/A level Mathematics, offered in flexible formats to suit your needs and availability. These include several sustained courses:

  • Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) for teachers wishing to develop their subject knowledge and classroom practice in the teaching of AS/A level Mathematics, including those teaching it for the first time.

  • Teaching Statistics – Unit 1 (TS1) for teachers wishing to develop their subject knowledge and classroom practice for teaching the statistics content of A level Mathematics.

  • Teaching Mechanics – Unit 1 (TM1) for teachers wishing to develop their subject knowledge and classroom practice for teaching the mechanics content of A level Further Mathematics.

These courses inspire and support teachers in their development of subject knowledge and pedagogy for A level through a sustained programme of face-to-face study days and online support.

In addition, we offer:

One-day courses
Various one-day courses are organised by our local Area Coordinators. Details of these courses can be found on our Events listing.
National one-day problem-solving conference
A one-day professional development conference designed to support teachers of AS/A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics.
Student and teacher problem solving conferences
These events involve students and teachers looking at various aspects of problem-solving skills together and separate professional development sessions for teachers.
Live Online Professional Development (LOPD)
This series of courses, which are delivered over several sessions using an online classroom that allows participants to collaborate in real time.
On Demand Professional Development (ODPD)

These courses are available in two formats: Self-paced Study, where you can access any part of the course at any time, and Supported Study, in which you follow a prescribed programme and are supported by a tutor.

Teacher Network meetings

Events organised by our local Area Coordinators. The networks focus on sharing good practice, professional development and promoting developments in teaching and learning.

Details of all of our professional development courses are available on our events listing. If you have a particular need and you cannot find something suitable there, please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator who will be able to advise you.

You may also find it useful to take a look at the series of PD videos produced by the legacy Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) to provide ideas for how overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into AS/A level lessons for Mathematics (and Further Mathematics).

If your school/college is involved in Initial Teacher Training, you might be interested to know that the AMSP is running day-long courses in twenty universities on aspects of teaching A level Mathematics for groups of trainee teachers. Contact us for details.

The AMSP also works closely with the Maths Hubs. Many Maths Hubs offer professional development courses for teachers of A level Mathematics. They also provide opportunities for teachers to get involved with Work Groups in areas such as 'Embedding A level Technology' and 'Developing A level Teaching'. You can find details of your local Maths Hub and their Work Groups here.