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Transition to A level: Essential Skills

Our Essential Skills resources have been developed to support your students with the transition from GCSE to AS and A level Mathematics, and will be particularly useful during the autumn term. They focus on developing six essential skills and explore how these are applied across a key topics in A level Mathematics. Included in each section are a skills check, a chance to ‘practise and explore’, and extension and enrichment ideas for further investigation.

Printable versions of the resources are available for you to give to students with limited access to technology.

Topic plans

The AS/A level Mathematics topic plans cover all the AS/A level Mathematics specifications and provide ready access to easy-to-use resources, along with identification of pre-requisite knowledge, areas where students struggle and suggested tasks, activities and questions for use with all your students.

Integral® Resources

If your school/college has registered with the AMSP, you will be able to access resources for the Large Data Set as well as A level Further Mathematics in Integral® using your registration account. A suite of A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics videos for use by students as part of a blended learning approach or to support remote learning is also available using the shared student account provided when schools and colleges register with the AMSP.

Where maths meets… the world of work!

These videos and activities are designed to use in class with your students. The activities all contain contextualised teaching points linked to careers and will help you to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 4 (linking careers to the curriculum). Some of the activities are written by employers and so are particularly authentic.

FMSP resources

The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) produced a wealth of resources to support the teaching and learning of A level Mathematics. They are available within the FMSP Resources Archive.

  • A collection of A level Problem Solving Resources which includes material for use with both AS/A level Mathematics and AS/A level Further Mathematics students.
  • Mechanics resources which include practical activities for Modelling with the Dynakar.

Schemes of work

MEI has produced some suggested schemes of work for teaching AS and A level Mathematics.

Using Desmos for the large data sets

These workbooks show how to use Desmos to investigate the large data sets, workbooks can be downloaded from the MEI website.

Four separate workbooks: one for each A level specification

Promotional materials

The AMSP is developing materials to help you to promote AS and A level Mathematics to your students and their parents/carers.

We’ve developed a 30 minute presentation for students and parents/carers about the importance of studying maths post-GCSE. It outlines the options available, and provides compelling reasons for choosing to take an advanced maths qualification.

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