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The most popular choice at A level is Mathematics; however, many students say that they find the initial transition from GCSE to A level challenging.

These resources were designed for students to complete independently and will develop fluency in the fundamental techniques and the key mathematical concepts that underpin A level Mathematics. They can be paired with support and additional guidance from a teacher where this is available.

Each section includes:

  • transition materials - skill review skills checks
  • transition materials - practice skills a chance to practise and explore
  • transition materials - extension some extra ideas that you may want to investigate further

There are six sets of resources, and each set should provide about 3 hours of work. Each set includes either written worked solutions, video solutions or links to websites.

We hope students’ find these resources useful, that they add depth to their understanding, and that they help them make a smooth and successful transition to AS and A level Mathematics.

Guidance on using these resources
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