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The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) works with many Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers with the aim of inspiring their trainee teachers to teach maths at Key Stage 5. We typically work with trainees for a day on either an Introduction to A level Mathematics or an Introduction to Core Maths.

Introduction to A level Mathematics

Our aim for this day is to encourage trainees to think in depth about what teaching at A level can involve. We invite trainees to reflect on their own beliefs about teaching and learning at this level, and model the teaching of maths at A level with a focus on some key pedagogical principles including the role of technology.

Introduction to Core Maths

We offer mathematical activities that get trainees working in a ‘Core Maths way’, so that they gain insight into the philosophy for teaching and learning which underpins the qualification. We look at why the qualification exists, what students might gain from studying it, and explore pedagogical issues such as the role of context in maths lessons.

Contact us

If you’d like to discuss how we could support your work with trainee teachers, please get in touch:

New to teaching A level Mathematics summer school

Your trainees may be interested in the New to teaching A level Mathematics summer school, run by the AMSP and STEM Learning. This course is designed for teachers who have a secure background in the maths content at A level but who have little, or no, experience of teaching A level Mathematics. It’s ideal for teachers who are about to start their first teaching post and will be expected to teach A level Mathematics.

You’ll be able to view more information and apply from March 2023.

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