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The AMSP can support you in setting up and teaching Core Maths, providing advice and information, resources and professional development.

If you would like to speak to a member of the AMSP team about support for teaching Core Maths in your school/college then please contact us [email protected].

Advice and guidance

The AMSP can offer tailored advice and guidance from our Core Maths Specialist Leads and Core Maths Advocates.

Professional Development

The AMSP provides a wide range of flexible professional development and support, including:

  • online and blended courses to develop subject knowledge and pedagogy for teachers who are new to teaching Core Maths and those with more experience
  • Getting Started webinars aimed at schools and colleges who plan to offer the course in the future
  • online festivals featuring inspirational speakers to enthuse, challenge and enlighten teachers with ideas for Core Maths lessons
  • specification networks for teachers to discuss and share experiences with teachers following the same Core Maths specification
  • online courses for teachers of geography, psychology and biology to build their confidence in teaching the mathematical content of their A level subject and make links with Core Maths

If you’re looking to offer Core Maths in the future, you might be particularly interested in our Getting Started webinars and our New to Teaching Core Maths Programme.

Recruiting students to the course

The AMSP provides a range of enrichment activities and resources to help you promote Core Maths to students in KS4, including;

Resources for teaching Core Maths

The AMSP has developed a range of resources to support the teaching and study of Core Maths. We have collected these together on our Core Maths resources page.

The AMSP Core Maths Platform has a comprehensive collection of teaching and learning materials for the main Core Maths specifications, including schemes of work, assessments and supported self-study materials.

Additional 16-19 Funding

In 2017 the DfE introduced the Advanced Maths Premium (AMP) which is designed to encourage greater participation in the advanced maths qualifications. Core Maths, is a qualifying subject for the AMP, as well as AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The premium is currently £600 per year for each additional student, above a baseline, studying an advanced maths qualification. The AMP premium was first included in 16-19 funding allocations for academic year 2019-20. It has been paid to schools/colleges in 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23. The AMP will continue to be funded in academic year 2023- 24.

For full details of the AMP please refer to the DfE’s guidance for schools and colleges.

Schools/colleges may also be eligible for the Large Programme Uplift funding, equivalent to a 10% uplift to the national funding rate per student, for any students who are following a large programme of study, such as 4 or more full A levels, or a large Tech Bacc programme, equivalent to 4 A levels. For a large Tech Bacc programme, eligible students are those who successfully complete Tech Bacc programmes that include the extended project qualification and a Tech level that is a minimum of 1,050 GLH plus Core Maths or AS Mathematics.

For full details of the Large Programme Uplift please refer to the DfE’s guidance for schools and colleges

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