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The AMSP’s Core Maths Specialist Leads can support your school or college with the delivery of a Core Maths qualification. Here are some examples of the type of support we can offer:

  • How to get started offering Core Maths
  • Strengthening and sustaining your current Core Maths offer
  • Promoting the course to students
  • Developing cross-curricular links
  • Developing and supporting Core Maths teachers
  • Advice on Core Maths pedagogy
  • Developing a culture of Core Maths within your institution

This is not an exhaustive list. Please complete our request form to provide us with more information about your circumstances and needs. We will then contact you to discuss the support we can offer.

What is Core Maths?

Core Maths is a relatively new qualification first examined in 2016. Currently there are over 12,000 entries per year and close to 700 state-funded schools and colleges offered the course in 2020-21.

Core Maths is intended for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or better. It helps to develop students’ quantitative and problem-solving skills, supporting their learning in other subjects and providing valuable preparation for the quantitative skills they will need for further study and employment.

Being a new teacher to Core Maths in a new school I was delighted with the support provided by the AMSP and Maria.  Maria managed that blend of guidance and support really well and shared both resources and her experiences of teaching the course so far.  This was so helpful and informative, and I really took a lot from our meetings.  She also ensured I stayed informed of other opportunities with the AMSP that would be relevant that led me to attend their conference (which I would also highly recommend).  I have been really impressed and grateful for the level of support and engagement made available for this course.

Caroline Gibson-Glynn, KS3 and Numeracy Lead at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy

Who are the Core Maths Specialist Leads?

The AMSP’s Core Maths Specialist Leads are all experienced teachers of Core Maths who have significantly developed an aspect of delivering the course within their own settings. They have also received training from the AMSP to develop their own practice and are working to help schools and colleges across England.

Photo of Jake Venables

Jake Venables

Photo of Jasmine Powell

Jasmine Powell

Photo of Freya Parsons

Freya Parsons

Photo of Carla Smith

Carla Smith

Photo of Victoria Hughes

Victoria Hughes

Photo of Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Photo of Michelle Gregory

Michelle Gregory

Photo of Helen Harding

Helen Harding

Photo of Minnie Gloor

Minnie Gloor

Photo of Shelley Davey

Shelley Davey

Photo of Ed Gore

Ed Gore

Photo of Candela Carle

Candela Carle

Photo of Judy Cera

Judy Cera

Photo of Jennifer Cains

Jennifer Cains

Photo of Rebecca Byrne

Rebecca Byrne

Photo of Subadra Venkataraman

Subadra Venkataraman

Photo of Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews

Photo of Samantha Halls-Barker

Samantha Halls-Barker

Photo of Ryan Ng

Ryan Ng

Photo of Anne-Marie Whyte

Anne-Marie Whyte

Photo of Maria Bennett

Maria Bennett

Photo of Abby Beesley

Abby Beesley

Photo of Gill Leahy

Gill Leahy

Photo of Dominic Burke

Dominic Burke

Area Coordinator
Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton

Email Dominic

Photo of David Tucker

David Tucker

Photo of David Jones

David Jones

Photo of Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Photo of Ana Gutierrez

Ana Gutierrez

Photo of Anne White

Anne White

Photo of Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker

How do I apply for support?

Please complete the form below to request support. All requests are considered on a first come-first served basis.

We will follow the initial request with a short meeting which could be face to face or online; this will allow us to plan the best package of support for your organisation.

Core Maths Specialist Lead support is currently available across academic years 2022-23 and 2023-24, so this would be an ideal time to get in touch if you are considering adding Core Maths to your curriculum offer in September 2023 or to develop staff if you are seeking to deliver this qualification in the future.

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