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We can support you with:

  • Free guidance on planning the introduction and/or sustainment of advanced maths options, including strategies for offering Core Maths and AS/A level Further Mathematics.
  • A wide range of free/low cost flexible professional development for:
  • Free teaching and learning resources
  • Free/low cost enrichment events and materials for 11-16 students, to help you to encourage your students to continue to study maths beyond GCSE.
  • Free/low cost enrichment events and materials for 16-19 students, and support for students preparing for university mathematics admission tests, to help you to support your students with applications for maths and other STEM degrees.
  • AS/A level Further Mathematics tuition for students, where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer it yourself.

Additional support is available to schools/colleges located in AMSP Priority Areas.

If you are establishing a new sixth form we strongly recommend that you offer Core Maths and AS/A level Further Mathematics alongside A level Mathematics from the outset, or have a strategy for introducing them. The AMSP can work with you to achieve this.

If you would like support with offering advanced maths options, please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator.

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