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The AMSP has developed a collection of learning resources, which include videos and interactive resources that you may find helpful if you are studying Core Maths. The resources are stored on our online platform.

Schools and colleges that have registered with the AMSP are able to use this platform, and can request access to it for students, as well as for teachers. If you would like to be able to use the platform, please ask your maths teacher.

New to studying Core Maths?

If so, you might find it helpful to revise the skills you’ll be using in it.

Our self-study Core Maths Skills course is designed for just that. It supports you with stepping up to Core Maths and is particularly useful to use during the autumn term.

The course covers topics such as Estimation and accuracy, Interpreting graphs and charts (statistics for life), and Probability. It provides full solutions to all questions and automatically marked online tests. The course is free and you can sign up between May and October.

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