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If you are not in full-time 11-19 education you can still study for one of the advanced maths qualifications.


You could teach yourself using textbooks and/or online resources. This website provides lots of online resources to help you to study Core MathsA level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics.

An individual subscription to Integral® will provide you with a wide range of resources to support independent studying for AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. This includes videos, study plans, interactive walkthroughs, notes, exercises and many other resources.

If you want to self-study Core Maths, look out for the new online platform the AMSP is developing. It will be free to access, and will include:

  • One route through 2 Core Maths specifications
  • Resources for 130 learning hours
  • 10 videos

If you decide to teach yourself, make sure you follow the correct specification for the exams you plan to take. Also bear in mind that you will need to find a centre at which to take your exams, and that you will be charged an entry fee. Most awarding bodies’ websites provide details of approved exam centres willing to accept private candidates. You can also search online for ‘independent exam centres’.


You could find a private tutor to support you.

Online courses with tutor support

There are many providers of A level courses that include support from a tutor as well as online resources. Most only offer AS and A level Mathematics. The National Extension College (NEC) also offers AS and A level Further Mathematics, and has partnerships with exam centres at various locations.

Private college

There are several private colleges at which you can study AS/A level Mathematics and/or AS/A Further Mathematics face-to-face.

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