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The transition from GCSE is often challenging for some students, so it’s crucial that Key Stage 4 students feel confident in their understanding of maths so that they feel well prepared for further study post-16.

The AMSP aims to increase the number of students studying AS/A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and level 3 Core Maths.

Supporting Students’ Transition to A level Mathematics

The AMSP has two resources to help students to consolidate the skills and topics learned at GCSE in preparation for A level study.

Which course is right for me and my students?

The Essential Skills materials emphasise algebraic fluency, which is needed at A level and should look and feel very familiar to GCSE students. They also include enrichment activities to motivate students and to demonstrate how maths is fun, interesting, and important in the real world.

The Transition to A level Mathematics course looks at GCSE Mathematics from an A level perspective. It starts with some fundamental ideas met quite early in GCSE Mathematics; then, developing a deep understanding of the topics covered leads students to gain real insight into how these topics are developed at A level.

You can also read what teachers have to say about the resources and how they have successfully used them.

Supporting students’ transition to Core Maths and other post-16 courses

The mathematical content of post-16 courses can prove challenging to many students. Sometimes this is due to the applied nature of the mathematical content of such courses. The AMSP has produced a Core Maths Skills course to provide a good foundation for students planning to take a level 3 Core Maths qualification that will also help bridge the gap between GCSE Mathematics and post-16 courses.

Other support

As their teacher, you’re in a great position to help them understand and engage with the opportunities available to them. Here are some suggestions to help you.

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