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The AMSP aims to increase participation in the advanced maths qualifications – Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics – and support improvement in the teaching of these qualifications.

We provide national support for teachers and students in all state-funded schools and colleges in England, with additional support for those in AMSP Priority Areas. This includes:

  • a wide range of professional development, with courses available in a variety of formats, allowing you flexible ways to participate. These include:
    • Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics
    • Core Maths
    • AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
    • supporting students with university maths admission tests
  • free teaching and learning resources
  • enrichment events and materials for 11-16 students, to help you to encourage your students to continue to study maths beyond GCSE
  • enrichment events and materials for 16-19 students and support for students preparing for university maths admission tests, to help you to assist your students with applications for maths and other STEM degrees
  • AS/A level Further Mathematics tuition for students, where needed

The AMSP is government-funded and is led and delivered by MEI, with Etio (formerly Tribal Education Services) as a key partner. It works in partnership with the Maths Hubs.

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