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Several more selective universities require applicants for their maths-related degree courses to take admission tests, in addition to achieving the required results in their A levels (or equivalents). The tests they may require are:

  • STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) Mathematics
  • MAT (Mathematics Admission Test)
  • TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission)

In early October 2020, the Admissions Testing Service announced that from 2021, STEP 1 will no longer exist. STEP 2 and STEP 3 will continue to be offered and form part of the offer for Mathematics at Cambridge University.

Some universities require applicants to take admission tests for other types of degree courses. Some of these have quite demanding mathematical content. These are many different types of these. Some examples are:

  • CSAT (Computer Science Admissions Test)
  • TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)

Details of the admissions requirements for specific courses are detailed on the universities’ websites. Information about pre-interview assessments for a number of courses at Cambridge University can be found on the Admissions Testing Service website.

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