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This series of videos features students who’ve studied A level maths. They share their experiences of studying maths at A level, and why maths was a vital step in their journey to university and pursuing their chosen career path.

Beth – Mathematics

Beth is a fourth-year mathematics student at university. She studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Psychology and Politics at A level.

After almost not taking A level Further Mathematics, Beth now considers it her favourite subject. Find out why, including how A level Further Mathematics compares to Mathematics.

Studying maths has opened up a huge array of career opportunities for Beth and she hopes to go on to work in coding and computer programming.

Laura and Emily – Natural Sciences and Geography

Laura and Emily are second-year university students studying Natural Sciences and Geography respectively.

Find out why they feel that the skills gained from taking maths at A level really help with the transition to university and in future careers.

Jennifer – Mathematics

Jennifer is a second-year maths student at university.

When deciding her A level subjects, Jennifer was unsure of what she wanted to study at university. Taking A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics allowed her to keep her options open and choose from a large range of degrees when it came to applying for university.

Find out why she found a Further Mathematics A level particularly beneficial, and how it prevented her from being overwhelmed from the transition to university.

Nabeel – Aerospace Engineering

Nabeel is in his first year of studying Aerospace Engineering at university.

He always knew that he wanted to pursue a career in Engineering and realised that taking A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level would open up more opportunities for him when it came to applying for university.

Find out what Nabeel enjoyed the most about studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics and which transferable skills give him an advantage at university.

Joely – A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Joely is a Year 13 student studying Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A level. Joely has applied to study maths at university and looks forward to learning new topics, such as Galois’ Theory.

Find out why she finds studying maths addictive, why studying maths is like solving puzzles, and what her favourite topic is.

Joely runs a non-profit organisation called Pioneer, which encourages girls to study maths.

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