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The AMSP is all about helping you to study advanced maths after your GCSEs.

We want to support your enjoyment of maths, help you make the best study choices, and guide you to achieve your full potential.

So, what are the options to study maths after GCSE?

There are three main paths involving advanced maths qualifications:

  • Core Maths
  • AS/A level Mathematics
  • AS/A level Mathematics with AS/A level Further Mathematics

You can find out more here.

Why study maths after GCSE?

Whatever you want to do later on – whether that’s going to university, an apprenticeship, getting a job, or running your own business – continuing to develop your maths skills can help you to achieve it.

It does four important things:

  • It opens up opportunities
  • It keeps your maths skills fresh
  • It develops really useful skills
  • It can improve your results in other subjects

How can the AMSP help you?

We support state-funded schools and colleges to help them to offer you the full range of advanced maths qualifications, and to provide you with high-quality teaching and support.

We also do a lot to support students directly, whether you’re working towards GCSEs or are already studying advanced maths. We provide:

  • information about your options
  • free learning resources
  • opportunities to attend enrichment events
  • interesting ideas for maths activities
  • tuition for AS/A level Further Mathematics, if your school/college can’t offer it
  • support with preparing for maths admission tests, such as STEP, MAT and TMUA

You’ll find lots of information about advanced maths options in this website, but if you’re not sure what’s available to you and which path would be best for you, talk to your maths teacher, your careers advisor, or the leader of your school or college’s maths department.

If you need support to help you access advanced maths courses, please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator.

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