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The best heads of departments inspire through passionate teaching. They also genuinely care about developing the team they lead and are able to maintain a wider perspective on students’ educational experiences as a whole. This sustained professional development course is suitable for any new or aspiring head of mathematics who wishes to reflect upon this demanding role and learn strategies to increase their own effectiveness.

  • To develop your self-awareness as a leader and manager of a mathematics department.
  • To explore a range of strategies to create a rich mathematical learning environment for your students and staff.
  • To consider ways of developing the potential within your team.
  • To explore some of the more ambitious aspects of the role including managing the transition from GCSE to post-sixteen mathematics.

Key details

Curriculum focus:A level Mathematics, 11-16 maths, A level Further Mathematics, Core Maths
Format:Face-to-face PD
Course length:3 study days over 6 months
Fee:Free for state-funded schools

Who will benefit from attending?

The course is ideally suited to those who are in their first few years of being a head of maths and interested in developing their skills or are teachers who have some responsibility looking towards a head of department role in the future. The course would also be suitable for teachers from 11-16 schools despite some emphasis on post-sixteen mathematics.

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