Professional development for supporting students with university admission tests

The AMSP offers professional development for teachers wishing to support their students with university admission tests such as STEP, MAT and TMUA. These opportunities are often free and, in some cases, additional subsidies are available to enable more teachers to participate.

The Teacher Events Calendar below provides details of all of our professional development events, including a range of opportunities designed and delivered according to local need by our local Area Coordinators. It is followed by details of our standard courses.

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Face-to-face courses

Course length 1 day

Problem solving is one of the overarching themes of the A level specifications. Students need to be able to analyse a problem, break it down into its constituent parts and select te appropriate mathematics to solve it. This course is designed to help teachers develop key problem solving skills in their students. The course starts with ideas for developing general mathematical problem solving skills and shows how students who wish push themselves can develop those skills so that they have the opportunity to apply for universities where an admissions test is required or a university where a good score in an admissions test can lead to a lower offer.

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Course length 1 day

Next Steps is an event for Heads of Sixth Form and Mathematics Teachers about supporting students with the transition to undergraduate study and the mathematical expectations of university admissions tests.

What are the mathematical expectations of universities for students starting their courses? Mathematical skills are important for many undergraduate degree schemes. This course will explain what indications of mathematical ability universities are looking for when they receive a UCAS application. It will also give up to date information about admissions tests for university entrance. The number of these has risen in the past few years. Some are compulsory, some simply reduce entrance requirements. There are 11 admissions tests that have mathematical content and these are for a variety of subjects. This course will explain what support students will need in school and where else they can access support.

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Course length 1 day

Admissions tests are being used by an increasing number of universities to identify students suitable for their undergraduate STEM degrees. Some of these examinations form part of the university offer and some can be used to lower A level offers on particular courses.

This professional development course looks at the three main admissions tests for undergraduate Mathematics degrees, the MAT, TMUA and STEP examinations.

The course will also include materials suitable for use in general classes to develop students’ problem solving skills.

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Live Online Professional Development

The AMSP's Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) courses form a programme of innovative online courses, designed to enable teachers to develop their teaching with confidence in a convenient, stress-free way.

LOPD courses are delivered using a browser-based online classroom that allows participants to collaborate online in real time. The courses aim both to cover subject content common to all current specifications and to facilitate the exchange of teaching ideas. Rather than attending a one or two day course away from school or college, participants will use the internet to meet weekly online.

This course comprises five online sessions with an experienced tutor, each between 60 and 90 minutes in length and delivered to a small group of teachers allowing opportunities for interaction and discussion.

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On Demand Professional Development

This is an On Demand Professional Development course designed to support teachers who will work with students taking one of these fourth term university entrance tests. It will also be of interest to any teacher wishing to extend their problem solving skills or enrich their teaching of A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics.

The course comprises 11 "pods", each covering either a specific method which features in these tests or an overarching concept.

In each pod, teachers will see short videos guiding them through the ideas of the topic along with practice materials, triggers for reflection and suggestions for further study. Teachers will be encouraged to interact and collaborate with others studying the same material via the online forums. An expert tutor will be monitoring the forums and will respond to queries.

The course offers total flexibility regarding when teachers can access the materials, day or night, over a period of up to one year. Teachers will be able to track their progress within the course and to see when they have completed a section, a pod or a full course.

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You may also find it useful to take a look at the series of PD videos produced by the legacy Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP). These include a series of videos that focus on problem solving.

If you have a particular need and you cannot find something suitable there, please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator who will be able to advise you.