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On 13 February 2024, the Government announced that there will be additional funding of £900 for each Level 3 Core Maths student. This will be available for one year per student.

Many schools and colleges are exploring ways to introduce or extend their Core Maths provision. The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is fully funded by the DfE and can support you with these goals in time for the academic year 2024-25.

Below, you will find lots of information and guidance on how the AMSP can support your school’s Core Maths provision.

Why Core Maths?

In addition to providing ‘maths for life’ education in finance and critical analysis, studying Core Maths can increase student confidence in the mathematical requirements of their other A levels and courses – in particular, Biology and Applied Science, Geography and Psychology.

It also provides them with reduced offers to certain courses at some universities.

Most importantly, students really value what they gain from this course.

“It teaches you a great portion of how to handle your finances, such as understanding tax rates, mortgages and investments”

“It is a subject which is highly applicable to practically anything you may end up doing as career”

How can the AMSP help me introduce Core Maths?

In addition to helping you answer the questions What is Core Maths? and What are the benefits of offering Core Maths?, we’re also hosting webinars to support you to effectively plan, resource, and recruit for Core Maths:

What if I don’t have staff with the experience to teach it?

Level 3 Core Maths is already being taught successfully in schools/colleges by a mix of subject teachers. The focus on context and critical analysis means that teachers from a wide range of subjects outside of maths can develop the skills to deliver it successfully. Read about a large sixth form who delivers the course with a mixed-subject team.

The AMSP also provide many fully-funded courses available to help your staff develop the specialist skills they need:

Additionally, you can apply for targeted in-school support from one of our team of AMSP Core Maths Specialists Leads:

How can I get all staff on board?

Establishing and growing Core Maths is best achieved when it includes support from other subject teachers. The AMSP can provide opportunities for teachers to see Core Maths lessons in action and support with strengthening cross curricular links. Get in touch with your Area Coordinator to find out more.

How can I easily inform parents?

The AMSP has published a range of literature to support students in choosing which post-16 maths qualification is best for them. You can download these or request printed copies to be sent to your school or college.

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