Support during school and college closures


You can find resources to help you with home learning in the Students menu for this website.

Guidance for self-studying A level Mathematics

The AMSP has produced a couple of videos to support you in accessing resources to self-study A level Mathematics at home.

Guidance on accessing self-study resources from home.
Guidance on using Integral to self-study from home

We are currently developing further resources to support you and your teachers – see below for more details.


The AMSP is working hard to provide the support you need most during school/college closures.

Teaching and learning resources

You can find extensive resources to support the teaching and learning of maths in the Teachers menu.

We are currently developing the following additional materials:

Target student group What support will the AMSP provide? When and where will it be available?
Year 10 A series of ten new enrichment activities that can be used to engage your students and maintain their interest in studying level 3 maths. These are targeted at Year 10 students but may also be appropriate for other year groups. These resources are available now.
Year 11: Intending to take A level Mathematics A series of six weekly sets of resources, focused on consolidating essential skills from Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics to support students intending to study AS/A level Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics. Each resource will focus on an essential cross-topic skill such as simplifying, sketching and solving.

These first five sets of resources are available to students now. The remaining set will be added week commencing 8 June.

Teacher guidance for these resources is now available.

A Transition to A level Mathematics course; an online course for Year 11 students. This will focus on techniques and concepts that are met at Higher Tier GCSE and further developed at A level. The aim is that by working through the course, students will become confident that they are ready to start A level Mathematics. They will develop fluency in the techniques they need and will have thought about some of the key mathematical concepts that underpin A level Mathematics. This will be available from early July.
Year 11: Predicted a good pass or better in GCSE Mathematics, and intending to study non-maths A level subjects such as Biology, Psychology, Geography, Business; level 3 vocational courses; and/or level 3 Core Maths. An online course, designed to help students revise the maths skills they will need for their level 3 studies. The course includes full solutions to all questions and automatically marked online tests.

These topics are available now:

  • Measures and standard form
  • Percentages

These topics are coming soon:

  • Data tables, averages and spread
  • Estimation and accuracy
  • Interpreting graphs and charts (statistics for life)
  • Probability
  • Ratio and Proportional Reasoning.

Students can access this course for free by signing up here.

Teachers in AMSP-registered schools can access the course using your school’s shared Integral account. If your school is not registered with the AMSP yet, you can register now for free on the AMSP website.

Year 12: Studying A level Mathematics AMSP registration access to IntegralOpens a new window has been extended to include free access to all AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics resources.
Excluding online tests and student management features, which are available only by subscription.
 We envisage that students, with guidance from their teachers, may use this wide range of resources to self-study topics to help them complete, or consolidate, the first year A level course and perhaps introduce some selected second year topics. We will produce video guides for students and teachers to support the effective use of these resources.

The materials are already available on IntegralOpens a new window. If you are registered with AMSP then you will have access to these online resources. If not, you can register here.

The video guides are available at the top of this page.
Year 13 A transition course to support students who have studied A level Mathematics and are progressing to an undergraduate degree course in maths, engineering, physics or a related subject. The course will help students consolidate some essential A level Mathematics skills and learn more about topics they may experience early in their university programmes. The course will also include suggested wider reading to explore these themes in greater depth.

The course will be hosted on IntegralOpens a new window and will be accessible via your school’s shared student login.

Please ensure your Year 13 students have the shared login details they will need to access to the programme over the summer.

We've enhancedOpens a new window the free access to IntegralOpens a new window available to AMSP registered schools and colleges to provide further support schools and colleges during closures.

You can find more resources on the MEI school/college closureOpens a new window web page.

Support with teaching at home

This series of videos provides practical advice for teaching at home.

Professional development

The AMSP provides extensive opportunities for teachers to access professional development online. Our range of ‘On Demand’ and ‘Live Online’courses includes options for GCSE, Core Maths, A level Mathematics & Further Mathematics, and supporting students taking university entrance tests. A series of PD Videos provides a resource to support teachers to reflect on their practice.

Our online provision will continue to expand over the summer term, including opportunities to join Teacher Network meetings online and an online Core Maths Festival.

Over the summer we will be recruiting for the next cohorts for five of our sustained courses with start dates ranging from July through to November 2020. Our sustained courses typically feature a blend of online sessions and study days, scheduled over a period of six months. We hope to run course study days in the usual way, but if this is not possible due to social distancing measures, we will adapt the content to be delivered online.

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Feedback from teachers suggests we are on the right track.

"Can I just thank you once again for your amazing support that you provide for us Maths teachers and to our students. This morning, with the help of your brilliant videos on Further Mathematics, I managed to teach my students Further Statistics 1."

However, if you have any suggestions for further ways we could help please get in touch.