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Our Core Maths Summer Conference 2024 is open for bookings!

This free and engaging one-day professional development conference is suitable for all current and aspiring teachers of Core Maths. The conference will focus on data. You will have the opportunity to network with teachers from other schools and colleges. Encouraging you to share your resources and ideas. There will also be a chance to explore our free online Core Maths Platform.

Coming up at this year’s Core Maths Summer Conference

Developing Curiosity with Andrew Birch and Jude Mortimer – In this session, we will take you on a journey through a dataset. Discuss how to engage students, build curiosity, and encourage questioning. Explore how to select appropriate mathematical skills and make the connections between the dataset and the big picture.

Tools for exploring data with Tom Rainbow – In this session, we will consider how you can empower your students to process data. While looking at how to reduce much of the ‘number crunching’ that has always been synonymous with statistical problem-solving.

Inspiring potential Core Maths students – In this session, you will get hands-on with some popular activities to use with potential Core Maths students. You will leave with ideas on how to get other subject areas to raise awareness of the benefits of the course.

Our Getting Started with Core Maths webinars are also useful to attend if you are new to teaching Core Maths.

You can also explore the information provided in this collection.

Explore our extensive Core Maths PD offer, which offers a range of courses for each step of your Core Maths journey.

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