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Applications are now open for our Problem Solving Matters course for students. Give students the tools required for passing admission assessments for universities.

This course is designed for Year 12 students from state-funded schools, academies and colleges. This course will prepare students for the way they will have to think to achieve success in the MAT, TMUA and other problem-solving mathematics examinations by developing their mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Oxford University, Imperial College, Durham University, University of Bath, University of Manchester and Warwick University have supported us in creating this course.

Problem Solving Matters consists of three study days at a university of their choice from the list below:

University of Oxford22 June, 13 July and 28 September 2024 
Imperial College, London15 June, 6 July and 21 September 2024
Durham University22 June, 6 July and 21 September 2024
University of Warwick22 June, 6th July and 14tSeptember 2024
University of Bath29 June, 13 July and 21 September 2024
University of Manchester15 June, 6 July and 14 September 2024

Study day 1 focuses on curve sketching and coordinate geometry. 

Study day 2 focuses on calculus, surds, indices and logarithms. 

Between study days 2 and 3, students will attempt three summer worksheet activities: one on curve sketching, one on geometry and one on logarithms and indices.

Study day 3 focuses on trigonometry, combinatorics, and sequences and functions.

The fee for this course is £60. A limited number of free places are available if you have trouble meeting the cost of the course. Please indicate this on the application form.

Problem Solving Matters will start in June and will run until the end of September.

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