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How long will it take food prices to double?

How can you make the largest cone?

Which unit digits are never possible for any power of 2 or any power of 3?

When will the braid fall apart?

What size disc should you throw onto a square grid?

Can four dimensions explain adapted computer games?

Students tackled these sorts of questions during our enrichment day in Herts in January. Teachers and students demonstrated exceptional charm and full participation in the activities. With restrictions on distancing removed, there was a great atmosphere from the start.

Students did their teachers proud with percentage change answers on food inflation. They then made use of an unfamiliar calculator function. The students also tackled a practical task in mixed school teams, followed by a fast-paced dragon quiz. It was a delight to see groups rise to the challenge of working with students they did not know. Matthew Scroggs led his very popular braiding workshop and gave the afternoon lecture “Playing video games on 3D and 4D shapes”.


“Group work activity allowed students to communicate with others from different schools and built their confidence.”

“I think it showed them how maths isn’t always linked to assessment – it can be exploration and discovery.”

This is just one example of the enrichment days we have throughout the region. There were also events in Cambridge and Colchester.

In Peterborough, students enjoyed the enrichment activities that included Core Maths quizzes and taster lessons. Schools that have recently started to offer the Core Maths qualification found the enrichment activities really useful.

Summer term events:

27 AprilMaths without limits – An enrichment day for girls, St Peter’s School, Huntingdon

23 MayYear 10 Maths Enrichment Day, University of Bedfordshire, Luton

5 JulySummer Snack at the City of Norwich School, City of Norwich School, Norwich

6 JulyHertfordshire Year 10 Enrichment Day, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

7 JulySummer Snack at Springwood High School, Springwood School, King’s Lynn

10 JulyTake Maths Further! – Year 10 Enrichment Day, University of Bedfordshire, Bedford

12 July Take Maths Futher! – Year 10 Enrichment Day, University of Essex, Southend

We have also developed an age 11-14 quiz, which we hope to introduce to some groups of schools in the region. The quiz can be run in one lesson for a class or groups of classes.

We would like to know, in particular, if Luton and Peterborough schools might want to rise to the challenge of comparing their problem-solving skills with other local schools. Please do not hesitate to contact your Area Coordinator if you are interested or have additional questions.

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