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Teachers from minority ethnic backgrounds are underrepresented across leadership levels (DFE, 2020). We recognise the importance of diversity in the teaching workforce and support maths teachers, including those from minority ethnic backgrounds, to develop the skills and knowledge to progress in maths leadership. We’re also committed to providing networking opportunities and social connections.

The Institute of Education has produced this report on their study that focused on teachers’ experiences from minoritised groups, particularly on minority ethnic teachers. They have created a list of recommendations and their findings, which you can find in this report.

You can also read this report from the Nationals Foundation for Educational Research (NFER): Ethnic diversity in the teaching workforce: evidence review | Mission 44.

Professional Development

Throughout our range of professional development and networking opportunities, we facilitate environments where teachers from underrepresented backgrounds can excel. Our leadership courses, linked below, will help you to develop a range of skills that can advance your career.

We also offer A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics courses. These courses will develop your subject knowledge and expertise, fostering more role models for students from minoritised groups.

Why is supporting teachers from underrepresented groups important?

Compared to pupil and population demographics, the teaching workforce currently lacks representation, especially at leadership levels. There’s a crucial need to bridge this gap through mentoring, improved working conditions, and robust career development opportunities for teachers from diverse backgrounds. A diverse workforce provides greater opportunities for students to identify representative role models. In turn, this encourages them to engage and thrive within their subjects.

Note:  The chart compares the percentages of minority ethnic teachers, pupils, and the population in the different regions. 

Research in 2020 (IOE) found that 46% of schools in England had no minority ethnic teachers and, even in ethnically diverse schools, teachers from minority ethnic backgrounds are underrepresented in leadership roles.  

AllClassroom TeacherAssistant Head TeacherDeputy Head TeacherHead Teacher
White British85.184.287.890.892.5
White Other5.
Any other group0.
Percentage of school teachers by ethnicity and role

School Teacher Workforce – GOV.UK; Ethnicity facts and figures

Government Alignment: 

The government acknowledges the importance of diversity in the teaching workforce and our initiatives align with government data and statements of intent. We aim to contribute to these goals by offering tailored support and professional development opportunities for teachers from underrepresented backgrounds. If you have any questions about the support we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 

Links to Government Information: 

Statement of Intent on the Diversity of the Teaching Workforce 

If you would like to explore these ideas further or have anything you would like to contribute, please contact our EDI Lead at [email protected]

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