Strategies for offering Core Maths

Why offer Core Maths?

The most important reasons are the benefits for your students. Ideally, all 16-19 year-olds with GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above should have the opportunity to study maths beyond GCSE.

Core Maths can help your school/college to retain and attract students. It is growing in popularity – more schools and colleges are offering it and more students want the opportunity to take it.


There are possible financial benefits for your school/college. The new Advanced Maths Premium funding could provide £600 for every additional student studying Core Maths.

Core Maths also contributes to performance measures – featuring in both the level 3 maths measure in 16-19 performance measuresOpens a new window, and in the Technical Baccalaureate performance measuresOpens a new window.

Strategies for offering Core Maths

Core Maths can be offered alongside A levels or vocations courses, for example as part of a Technical Baccalaureate programme.

If your maths department lacks experience of teaching Core Maths, there are professional development opportunities, including AMSP courses, AMSP teacher networks and Maths HubOpens a new window Work Groups, to help develop this.

If you do not have enough maths teachers, consider developing a non-specialist - the skills used to teach other subjects, such as facilitating discussion, can be very useful for Core Maths.

The NCETM have produced a podcast interview, featuring Jack Ndebu, a new teacher of Core Maths, who discusses his experiences with support offered by the Maths Hub Network and AMSP.

How can the AMSP help?

If your school/college doesn’t currently offer Core Maths the AMSP can provide you with a wide range of support to help you to establish it on your timetable and promote it to students and their parents/carers. We can help with:

  • advice and guidance, including the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with your AMSP Area Coordinator
  • a flexible range of courses to develop the pedagogy and subject knowledge to teach Core Maths effectively
  • resources for teaching and learning Core Maths
  • information and materials to help you to explain to students and their parents/carers what Core Maths is, and the benefits of taking it