Strategies for offering Core Maths

Why offer Core Maths?

The most important reasons are the benefits for your students. Ideally, all 16-19 year-olds with GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above should have the opportunity to study maths beyond GCSE.

Core Maths can help your school/college to retain and attract students. It is growing in popularity – more schools and colleges are offering it and more students want the opportunity to take it.


There are possible financial benefits for your school/college. The new Advanced Maths Premium funding could provide £600 for every additional student studying Core Maths.

Core Maths also contributes to performance measures – featuring in both the level 3 maths measure in 16-19 performance measuresOpens a new window, and in the Technical Baccalaureate performance measuresOpens a new window.

Some universities have shown their recognition of Core Maths, by giving reduced offers for admissions to some of their degree courses. These universities recognise the benefits students gain from studying Core Maths, which will not only support their university studies, but also their future careers and employment.

Strategies for offering Core Maths

Core Maths can be offered alongside A levels or vocations courses, for example as part of a Technical Baccalaureate programme.

If your maths department lacks experience of teaching Core Maths, there are professional development opportunities, including AMSP courses, AMSP teacher networks and Maths HubOpens a new window Work Groups, to help develop this.

If you do not have enough maths teachers, consider developing a non-specialist - the skills used to teach other subjects, such as facilitating discussion, can be very useful for Core Maths.

The NCETM have produced a podcast interview, featuring Jack Ndebu, a new teacher of Core Maths, who discusses his experiences with support offered by the Maths Hub Network and AMSP.

How can the AMSP help?

If your school/college doesn’t currently offer Core Maths the AMSP can provide you with a wide range of support to help you to establish it on your timetable and promote it to students and their parents/carers. We can help with:

  • advice and guidance, including the opportunity to discuss your specific needs with your AMSP Area Coordinator
  • a flexible range of courses to develop the pedagogy and subject knowledge to teach Core Maths effectively
  • resources for teaching and learning Core Maths
  • information and materials to help you to explain to students and their parents/carers what Core Maths is, and the benefits of taking it