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Our Maths Feast is a fun educational challenge for Year 10 students which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills. This year we’re offering a ‘DIY Maths Feast’ which gives schools who can’t attend a face-to-face Maths Feast the opportunity to ‘do it yourself’ and run a Maths Feast in their school with their students. Our DIY Maths Feast materials can also be used to support remote learning if students are studying at home.

When you sign up to a DIY Maths Feast, you’ll gain access to brilliant materials that will support and embed the learning you’re doing with your students. The materials are for you to use as you wish – you could use them as:

  • classwork
  • homework
  • online learning tasks (you could set them for students in small groups in breakout rooms)
  • or whole year group competitions.

Our DIY Maths Feast uses the same material as our face-to-face Maths Feast, so your students won’t gain additional benefit from attending both types of Maths Feast.

Unlike our face-to-face Maths Feast, there’s no limit to the number of teams that a school can enter into their DIY Maths Feast and entering different sized teams to fit with your situation is acceptable.

We recommend that schools take at least four days to run their DIY Maths Feast – this could be over lunchtimes, after school, or within maths lessons. If you’re using the materials virtually, you can organise it how you see fit!

If you have any queries about this event, please contact the Maths Feast team at [email protected] or on 01225 776776.

What can I expect from a DIY Maths Feast?

Our DIY Maths Feast consists of several rounds that require different skills and strategies for success. They aim to improve problem-solving skills using recreational maths, and improve teamwork and communication skills.

We change the format and content of our Maths Feast every year to keep the challenge exciting. However, we promise that content will be familiar or accessible to most Year 10 students and could include both recreational and more traditional maths problems. Your students can whet their appetite with practice resources and materials from previous Maths Feasts available on our website.

What materials and equipment do I need to run a DIY Maths Feast?

We’ll email you the DIY Maths Feast materials within 7 working days of your application. The competition pack will include a full mark scheme to mark the rounds yourself (or ask your students to), and blank certificates for participation and winners that you can issue to students.

Calculators and equipment such as rulers and protractors aren’t permitted – this competition is based on your students’ brain power alone!

What costs are involved?

It’s free to register for our DIY Maths Feast.

How do I register?

To request the DIY Maths Feast resources, please email [email protected] Please include DIY Maths Feast in the subject line.

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