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We sent out a survey to schools across Hertfordshire inquiring about the choices of their post-16 cohort.

Teachers around Hertfordshire were extremely helpful in completing a survey on their current situations. 60 out of 104 sent in answers to our questions. A group of teachers met online at a network meeting on the 21 March to look at the findings and compare notes on other issues.

Please be aware that the schools who responded are likely to have a more extensive provision which could result in built-in bias.


  • About 90% of state and independent schools offer Further Mathematics with a fairly even spread between mechanics, statistics, decision, and additional pure maths for options.
  • More than half of the state-funded schools and around one-tenth of independent schools offer Core Maths, with AQA as the exam board of choice for about two-thirds of those schools.
  • About half of the schools teach Further Mathematics in a separate group, and the rest teach their maths content with other students and have add-on lessons for Further Mathematics.

Here are upcoming professional development events in our East of England region:

Exploring Y13 Mechanics topics – Monday, 3 July, Norwich

Raising Confidence with Thinking Mathematically in the GCSE classroom – Friday, 7 July, Colchester

Introduction to Year 12 A Level Further Core Pure Mathematics – Tuesday, 11 July, Hatfield

Higher Level Problem Solving Professional Development – Friday, 14 July, Hatfield

by Val Pritchard

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