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There have been recent updates to plans for the Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA). This is subsequent to the 2022 announcement about reforms to Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing from 2024.

A press release on 18 January 2024 notified that the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London are launching a joint venture to deliver admissions tests for mathematics-based, science and engineering degree courses. Pearson VUE will deliver the tests and support students applying for competitive undergraduate degree courses in these subject areas.

Pearson VUE state:

“Cambridge and Imperial will provide two sets of tests. The Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT) will be used for degree programs in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, and Physics and most Engineering degrees at Imperial. The Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA) will be used for Economics and Computer Science degrees at Cambridge, and both the ‘Economics, Finance and Data Science’ and Computing degrees at Imperial. A number of other UK universities will also use the TMUA for assessing applications for mathematically-based courses.”

Both the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London have added information about these admissions tests to their websites. 

The new tests will commence in October 2024 and will be computer-based. From this date, all tests will be taken at a Pearson VUE test centre, meaning schools/colleges will no longer act as test centres.  You can find the details of the entry costs involved (and bursaries available) on the university websites. Two sittings will take place for TMUA and ESAT (mid-October 2024 and early January 2025), with Cambridge applicants required to take the Autumn sitting. 

The AMSP and MEI websites will be updated with the latest information. Relevant course content for both students and teachers will be updated accordingly.

AMSP will provide short UAT update sessions as more information becomes available. These sessions will summarise recent changes and highlight important information that might easily be overlooked. The first of these will be on Wednesday, 7 February, 1630-1730. Additional sessions will be arranged as necessary.

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