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On this page, you’ll find resources and tools to help you to reflect on your own practice in the classroom with regards to gender equality. There’s a brief description of how and why to use each one, and also information on how to take a whole school approach to tackling gender inequality.

Do your own survey into boys' attitudes to Level 3 maths and girls' attitudes to Level 3 maths

If you want to do some research of your own, looking into why students do (or don’t) choose to continue with maths post-16 at your school, here is a very simple survey that you can use. Instructions are simply to send the survey to all post-16 students. Answers are left as free responses to avoid any leading questions. You can analyse student responses to see which factors that affect participation they match up with and also note the ideas that students come up with for promoting maths to their own sex. There are two versions (one for boys, and one for girls) to send seperately, with the aim of avoiding any stereotype threat. Alternatively, you could create a single version of the form asking for their sex/gender and rephrase the final question to ‘… students of your gender‘.

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