11-16 maths resources

All of the resources described below are free. The AMSP will continue to enhance these collections.

11-16 teaching and learning resources

The legacy Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) produced many free 11-16 teaching and learning resources, covering specific topics and more general skills such as problem solving and modelling. Some activities are designed for independent or individual work while some are better suited to group work. These resources are collected together on Integral®, together with some problem-solving resources specifically for GCSE students. If your school/college has registered with the AMSP, you will be able to access these using your registration account.

Extension resources

Explore the collection of 11-16 enrichment resources produced by the legacy FMSP.

You may also be interested in the materials produced for the Maths Feast enrichment competition for Year 10 students.

Where's the maths in that?

These resources are designed to demonstrate to students that mathematics can be found all around them.  They are very easy to use, simply display a photograph and ask “Where is the maths in that?”

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Maths Week England

These resources were designed as part of the AMSP's support for Maths Week England.

Resources for the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics

Resources to support the teaching and learning of this qualification are available on Integral®. Resources for the reformed qualification (with first exams in 2020) are being written. Teacher access to resources for the new specification (via a shared account) will be available for free to schools that register with the AMSP. If you take out a subscription to these resources, your students will also be able to access them.

Resources for the FSMQ in Additional Mathematics

Resources to support the teaching and learning of this qualification are available within Integral®. Departmental access to this is provided when you register with the AMSP.

In addition, thanks to sponsorship from OCR, subscriptions for these resources allowing individual student access and opening up the possibility of tracking progress via online tests are currently free of charge to OCR centres. Further details of this free subscription, together with an application form, are available on the MEI website.

Promotional materials

The AMSP is developing materials to help you to promote advanced maths to your students and their parents/carers.

We've developed a 30 minute presentation for students and parents/carers about the importance of studying maths post-GCSE. It outlines the options available, and provides compelling reasons for choosing to take an advanced maths qualification.