More maths for students of AS/A level Mathematics

Here are some places where you can find free collections of interesting mathematical articles, challenges and puzzles to explore:

  • SUMS - Steps to University for Mathematical Students is a monthly web-magazine from the AMSP for all A level Mathematics students considering studying Mathematics at university. Each issue is packed full of support, resources and advice.
  • NRICHOpens a new window provides a collection of activities and games and includes some ideas to help you prepare for universityOpens a new window.
  • BrilliantOpens a new window is a US website that provides a brilliant selection of challenging mathematical problems.
  • NumberphileOpens a new window is a collection of fascinating videos about numbers.
  • Plus MagazineOpens a new window is an internet magazine a wealth of articles about the beauty and application of maths, puzzles, podcasts, videos and book reviews.
  • MathsChallenge.netOpens a new window offers a collection of maths puzzles with a range of difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Chalkdust magazineOpens a new window is a maths magazine a collection of articles, features and pictures that are interesting, fun, or thought-provoking.
  • Cut the KnotOpens a new window is an encyclopaedic collection of maths games, problems, puzzles, and articles.
  • Nick's Mathematical PuzzlesOpens a new window offers over 100 excellent puzzles, many of them using A level Mathematics.
  • MathigonOpens a new window is a collection of free recreational maths articles, activities and puzzles that aim to make maths more accessible and entertaining.
  • Wikipedia Mathematics PortalOpens a new window includes thousands of articles about maths.
  • Mr Barton MathsOpens a new window includes a selection of maths and logic puzzles, and maths jokes too!
  • MacTutor History of Maths ArchiveOpens a new window is an extensive and searchable archive of the history of maths.
  • MathWorldOpens a new window has some excellent recreational maths activities.
  • Wolfram|AlphaOpens a new window is a fascinating mathematical search engine.
  • The e16plus NewsletterOpens a new window is aimed at 16 – 19 year olds and aims to keep readers up to date with mathematical news, people, and activities.
  • The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP)Opens a new window produced a series of 20 Podcasts that take a topic from the A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics and explore at its applications. These podcasts are available within the FMSP Resources Archive.