Resources for AS/A level Further Mathematics students

Here are some resources to help you in working towards taking AS/A level Further Mathematics. We’ll add further resources to these in the future.

If your school has registered with the AMSP your teachers will be able to access additional resources that they can share with you.

Learning at home

This collection of resources has been put together to help you with learning at home.

The AMSP has produced a video to support you in accessing resources to self-study A level Mathematics at home.

Guidance on accessing self-study resources from home.

FM videos

The FMSP produced a large series of short videos to support the content of AS/A level Further Mathematics. These videos are all 5-10 minutes in length and break the content into bitesized pieces. They are designed to introduce you to concepts so that you can learn the material for each section by working through appropriate examples.

Individual videos are provided for each of the four main AS/A level specifications (AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR). There are over 1000 videos that have been authored recorded by experienced Further Mathematics teachers.

Options supported

There are videos to support the compulsory pure content of each specification as well as the following optional components:


  • Discrete
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics


  • Decision 1
  • Mechanics 1
  • Statistics 1
  • Further Pure 1


  • Discrete
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics


  • Modelling with Algorithms
  • Numerical Methods
  • Mechanics a
  • Statistics a
  • Further Pure with Technology


Develop your problem-solving skills

The FMSP produced some resources to help you to develop your problem-solving skills in the FMSP Resources Archive.

Enhancement videos

The FMSP also produced some short videos designed to develop and enhance your understanding of some of the key concepts contained within AS/A level Further Mathematics. They are available within the FMSP Resources Archive.

Revising for your AS/A level

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your exams:

  • check you’ve covered all of the content in the specification for the version of the AS/A level that you are taking - AQAOpens a new window, EdexcelOpens a new window, OCR(MEI)Opens a new window, or OCROpens a new window
  • make a plan of how you will use your revision time – it’s better to set yourself realistic targets and achieve them, than to be too ambitious and end up feeling negative about not achieving it
  • in the early stage of your revision use your notes to help you; nearer the exams aim to complete past exam papers in timed conditions and without your notes
  • practise answering as many past exam papers as possible
  • after you’ve completed a past paper, read the marks scheme, taking particular note of what the marks are awarded for
  • read the examiner's reports for the papers - these usually give useful comments on common mistakes candidates made
  • if you’re stuck seek help from a teacher or a friend
  • if you’re struggling with a particular topic, practise some additional questions on this from your textbook

Additional materials

Additional materials are available from: