Where maths meets... the world of work!

The AMSP is creating an exciting set of high-quality videos which showcase the maths in different careers. Each video is also linked to one or more activities, so your students can get a real taste of what the career may entail.

The videos are suitable for all students aged 11+. Each person that features tells their story from childhood right through to the present day. We have aimed to use a diverse set of role models and careers in the videos so that the collection hopefully contains something that every student can relate to, whether that is the persons background, their interests or their aspirations. Each video is around 5 minutes long and has a few questions asked throughout which make perfect places to pause and think about maths and careers with your class.

“I was very impressed with the video. Susie strikes a nice balance between her background and honest thoughts about maths with how important they are for what she’s doing now. It was good to see genuine examples of her work and to hear how she gets to feel good about the work (maths) that she’s doing.”

Dave Gale Lead Practitioner and member of the TES Maths panel

Focussing on Core Maths

Try being a data detective

Interpreting data

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Try working in urban regeneration

Problem solving using number and measurement

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Try being a freelance filmmaker

Percentages, ratio and budgeting

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Try working for a cause you are passionate about

Critical analysis

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Focussing on A level Mathematics

Try being a climate scientist

Analysing and predicting

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Try being an actuary


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Try being a Software Engineer

Geometry and straight line-graphs

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Try working in location planning

Sampling and summary statistics

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Focussing on A level Further Mathematics

Try working in orthotics and prosthetics

Angles and forces

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Try being a 'Green' Engineer

Proportional reasoning

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Try aspiring to be an astronaut

Geometry and equations of motion

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Try working in marketing

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