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On this page, you'll find resources that come highly recommended. There are short videos to inspire your students with maths and the careers it can lead to, posters and images that you can use to make a display of diverse STEM professionals, and links for students to explore independently. This is just a short list of the many resources and organisations that are out there to encourage young people (in particular young women) into STEM careers, degrees and apprenticeships.

There are so many resources and organisations that want to help young people realise that STEM could be for them. If you're interested in further resources, you can download our summary with relevant links and descriptions.

Videos to use in class or for students to watch in their own time


Three short videos (approx 3 mins) that are high quality and demonstrate how maths is used in music, visual FX and cosmetics.

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Girls in data

A brilliant short video (3 mins) about a 15 year girl who receives help from her 'tech genies' when considering what subjects to choose beyond GCSE.

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Where maths meets... the world of work!

Collection of short videos with accompanying curriculum linked resources. Each video a different career.


Maths is your future

A series of five videos hosted by Matt Parker looking at how having A level maths is important to different careers.

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This Is Engineering

A series of short inspirational videos (less than 1 minute long) that contain diverse role models talking about their diverse careers in engineering.

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Math can help undercover cancer's secrets

Irina Kavera calls herself a translator – of biology to maths and back again. Nice example linking maths and biology.

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Display materials to promote women in STEM

Famous female scientist posters

Free to use with associated activities.

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Downloadable posters of female scientists

Posters can also be ordered.

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Women you should know

Downloadable STEM role models posters celebrate women innovators as illustrated by women artists.

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Organisations to help with sourcing role models, articles, activities and events for students


STEM opportunities and mentoring, focused on increasing girls' participation. Includes The Stemette Society (a closed social network for 13-25 year olds) and The Stemettes Zine (up-to-date advice and guidance written by suitable role models).

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STEM Ambassadors

Everything you need to know about STEM Ambassadors. You can get them to share how they use maths in their work with your students.

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By joining the Founders4Schools online platform, teachers and employers are given the opportunity to come together through meaningful encounters that are backed up by the latest evidence.

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The OR Society

Great examples of how maths is used to solve ‘real-world’ problems. Includes videos, lessons and the opportunity to book ambassadors to deliver sessions in school too.

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Maths Careers

Features articles for students to read about maths at work, opportunities to hear from role models in various careers, and competitions you can enter. All organised by age group.

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Bringing STEM to life through real-world engineering. Experiences, career resources and stories that showcase modern engineering.

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