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At our AC (Area Coordinator) Conference on the 17 and 18 May, one of the discussion points was the AC’s favourite resources, which can be found on the AMSP website.

There are so many resources on our website it is hard to have tried them all, but the London and South-East Team have noted their favourites, which will no doubt be a good starting point.

Martyn Jenkins

As I highlighted in my last newsletter introduction back in March, there is a significant gender gap regarding female students choosing to study A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics compared to male students. Our website includes pages dedicated to supporting the recruitment of females to our subject.

You will find research materials, current participation data, and strategies for promoting female recruitment to Level 3 maths within your school. It also includes resources such as posters, videos and enrichment materials that you could use to run an assembly or open evening.

Let’s get female students to sign up to study Level 3 maths!

Tom Beech

If you like “Calculated Colouring” as an end-of-term/post-exam activity, I am sure you will like this Low Threshold, High Ceiling task, which involves predominately basic logic, plus symmetry and ratio (and only red, yellow and blue pencils!)

Can be found in section 1 under Properties and Constructions
Symmetry Group Work, plus tasks 1 and 3

Jude Mortimer

Where maths meets… the world of work!

Brilliant videos, resources and activities at various levels to investigate careers that use maths. Well worth a look.

Gulnaz Abdullah

Where’s the Maths in that?

A great set of activities encourages students to say what Maths they can see in an image. They encourage discussion points and provide suggestions for teachers. They work for Years 5 – 12.

Sinead Vaughan

Professional Development Videos

These videos provide ideas for how overarching themes and technology can be incorporated into GCSE Mathematics, AS/A level Mathematics and AS/A level Further Mathematics lessons.

James Morris

I love having maths posters up around the school, both in and out of the maths classroom. It’s still possible to access some of the old FMSP (retro, I know) posters from the ‘FMSP legacy recourses archive’ area of integral. In particular, I wanted to highlight the Enrichment and Favourite Problem posters.

John Heffernan

Students new to studying Core Maths may find it helpful to revise the skills they’ll need to use in their studies. The same goes for students starting a non-maths A level subject with some mathematical content, such as Biology, Psychology, Geography or Business, and/or a level 3 vocational course.

The AMSP’s self-study Core Maths Skills course is designed for just that. It supports students transitioning to their new level 3 courses and is particularly useful during the autumn term.

Registrations open on the 2 May 2023

The AMSP has developed the course, and is free of charge to all.

Core Maths Skills

Kelly Klus

The most popular choice at A level is Mathematics; however, many students say that they find the initial transition from GCSE to A level challenging.

These resources were designed for students to complete independently and will develop fluency in the fundamental techniques and the key mathematical concepts underpinning A level Mathematics. They can be paired with support and additional guidance from a teacher where this is available.

Each section includes:

  • Skills checks
  • A chance to practice and explore
  • Some extra ideas that you should investigate further

There are six sets of resources; each set should provide about 3 hours of work. Each set includes written worked solutions, video solutions or website links.

We hope students find these resources helpful, add depth to their understanding, and help them make a smooth and successful transition to AS and A level Mathematics.

Essential Skills resources

So, these are our favourites; please check them out and explore everything we have on the website to support you and your students. Consider spending a couple of hours exploring the website over the summer break to become better acquainted with all available resources. Enjoy!

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