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Teacher Network meetings have been held all over the East Midlands region this half term, covering topics including Filling the Gaps for Year 12 and 13 in Nottingham and Derby, Blended Learning in Loughborough and Leicestershire, and Sharing Hints and Tips on using Software in our Teaching in Northamptonshire.

Teachers who attend the Teacher Network meetings benefit from sharing their experiences as well as being provided with new ideas and resources when leaving the meeting. In Nottingham, teachers were armed with a list of tried and tested websites to use with their students to help them in areas of the A level course which they were finding difficult and, in Northamptonshire, teachers experienced using Desmos Classroom and discussed visualiser options and techniques. We also look at relevant professional development courses and enrichment events occurring in the near future.

Below are some Teacher Network meetings that we’re planning for this term: Nottingham and Derby Our next online meeting will be on Wednesday 20 January 2021. We plan to look at how we can support our students post mock exams and share ideas for online Maths Club activities for our younger pupils. We also have a member of the Mathematical Sciences department at the University of Nottingham joining us to give a brief talk about applying for maths at university. Lincolnshire Our next online meeting will take place on Wednesday 28 January 2021. Our focus will be to consider how Desmos can be used in the GCSE Mathematics classroom and beyond. Northamptonshire The provisional date for our next online meeting is Wednesday 3 February 2021. Caroline plans to look at problem solving for Grade C students. More details are to follow. Loughborough Planning for our next online meeting is underway and details will be sent out soon.

Our Teacher Network meetings are open to everyone and are a good, relaxed way to meet other teachers in your local area. If you’d like to come along, please let your local Area Coordinator know. Registration details are sent to all teachers in the area who are subscribed to the AMSP Stay Informed list a few weeks before the meeting takes place. If you have anything that you’d like included in one of our Teacher Network meetings, again, please get in touch with your local Area Coordinator.

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