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Has your school or college registered with the AMSP? It’s free and provides lots of benefits.

You’ll receive a free teacher account to Integral® to enable you to access extensive resources to support your teaching and learning, including materials for:

  • All of the Mechanics and Statistics content of AS/A level Mathematics, tailored to the specification followed. Other specifications are also available through the ‘more courses’ link
  • All of Further Mathematics, tailored to the specification followed
  • AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics
    For specification 8365 that will first be assessed in 2020. These are currently under development. Some resources have been released, with more to be added soon. Access is also provided for resources for the outgoing AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics specification 8360 until the last examination in June 2019.
  • OCR FSMQ in Additional Mathematics - For the specification that will first be assessed in 2019.
  • STEP available through the ‘more courses’ link

Another advantage is a free student account to enable your students to access a comprehensive set of short videos to support the learning of AS/A level Further Mathematics. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of our tutoring facilities.

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