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National Careers Week is running from Monday 2 March – Saturday 7 March 2020. You may already be highlighting how taking maths beyond GCSE can help your students to achieve their dream job. If you aren’t yet, but would like to, here are some resources that the AMSP have created to help you do so:

  • ‘Why study maths?’: This presentation can be used with students in lessons, assemblies or tutor time. In its full format, it is around 30 minutes long, but it can easily be adapted to suit any length and audience. For example, if you only wish to show possible careers that studying maths can lead to, just use slides 25-31.
  • Equal Pay Day: This is a pre-prepared lesson that you can use, formatted in a powerpoint with notes. It begins with students discussing why different employees might get paid different amounts, before moving on to looking at salaries from different careers to analyse whether there is a gender pay gap. This is a great lesson to revise averages, construct and interpret diagrams, infer properties of populations, and realise the limitations of sampling.
  • Where’s the maths in that?: Originally created for Maths Week England, these resources are designed to demonstrate to students that maths can be found all around them. Some of the slides already have links to careers on them. They are very easy to use, simply display a photograph and ask, “Where’s the maths in that?”
  • Visualising the Climate Crisis: Also originally designed for Maths Week England, these resources are designed to raise awareness of the impact of fast fashion on the climate. They are a very engaging way to revise and practice statistics by looking at the power of how data is presented. The resources include a profile of Mona Chalabi and her career path as a Data Journalist (now there’s a career I bet your students wouldn’t have come up with!)

All of these resources and more can be downloaded for free from the AMSP website.

If you have any colleagues in your department who are not yet signed up to Stay Informed, then do encourage them to do so.

For other ideas and links to inspiring videos and resources that you can use in lessons to promote post-16 maths, look out for our #NationalCareersWeek tweets from @Advanced_Maths.

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