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Will Warne, Regional Lead for the South West

The AMSP is continuing to work closely with Maths Hubs in order to provide seamless support and enrichment to maths departments across the South West region. This includes supporting the Maths Hubs in putting on Level 3 Work Groups, as well as regularly liaising with the Hub Level 3 leads. A more detailed explanation of how we work with Maths Hubs and the options for support can be found in this diagram.

Boolean have hosted the Core Maths workgroup in the South West this year, and although there is only one session remaining we still recommend attending if you are looking to share expertise with like-minded teachers. Take a look at this flyer for details about joining this Work Group.

On 25 April at Truro College, Ben Sparks will be leading an afternoon session for the CODE hub workgroup on using Geogebra and Desmos to enhance teaching the mechanics and statistics in A level Mathematics. The session will run from 2pm to 4.30pm in the Fal Building, Truro College, TR13XX. Please contact Debbie Bland ([email protected]) for further details.

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