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In May, 142 teams of Year 8 and 9 students attended our Live Online Inter-School Maths Competition. This was the second year that the AMSP East Midlands regional team has run this competition, and it was great to see even more schools and students involved this time.

The students came from fifteen schools across the East Midlands region and further afield, with most schools entering multiple teams. One school entered 31 teams!

The average score was 70%. Teams from the following schools gained more than 90%:

  • Elizabeth Woodville School (North)
  • Elizabeth Woodville School (South)
  • King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth
  • Sutton Community Academy
  • Wellingborough School
  • Wilsthorpe School

The competition consisted of 25 questions of increasing difficulty. Teams answer each of the first ten questions in 30 seconds; the last five questions take two minutes each. The five questions most commonly answered incorrectly by teams were as follows:

  1. Which is the cube number (of 8, 9, 108, 81)?
  2. Find the value of


  1. What is the missing number in the sequence 2, 3, 6, ?, 18, 27, …
  2. A cathedral has a large, circular stained-glass window with a radius of 3 metres. What is the area of the window?
  3. Joe swam for 40 mins; cycled for 1 hr, 45 mins, and then ran for 50 mins. He finished at 12pm. What time did he start?

The most successful teams were invited to the final of the competition that was held on Monday 27 June 2022. We’ll be holding this competition again next year and we’d love for your students to get involved – keep an eye on the AMSP East Midlands regional events page and/or our Twitter account (@amspEMidlands) to find out when applications open for schools.

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