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Come along and experience what it’s like to sit in a lecture theatre at the Maths Institute at Warwick!

This free, one-day conference is packed full of problem-solving practice, including a mathematical fluency workshop, a competition and a chance to have a go at some adapted STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) questions.

Both days are identical in content, so you can choose whichever day suits you best – Tuesday, 4 July or Wednesday, 5 July and use the link below to sign up. This conference also has a separate PD session for teachers. Students are welcome to attend without any accompanying teacher, and teachers are also welcome to attend without students.

This event is ideal for students considering applying to study mathematics, engineering or related university courses.

Day 1 Tuesday 4 July
Day 2 Wednesday 5 July

(note that both days are identical)

Here’s what students have said:

“I enjoyed solving problems with people I hadn’t met previously. The mathematical fluency session was the most useful because it taught me new ways to approach problems”.

“The conference gave me a good sense of the skills needed at uni, during one of the workshops when I got stuck there was an expert there to give me useful guidance”.

“The problems in the maths competition were really interesting and some needed to be solved in interesting ways!”

“The information they gave on problem solving was really engaging and helped with a specific problem I had”

by Fiona Kitchen

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