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Angus Grogono, AC for Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow and Waltham Forest

Despite coming from eight schools across London, all 100 Year 10 students that attended our ‘Inspiration Day’ looked set on following mathematical pathways by the time they left at 3pm. Surveyed after a day of maths workshops and problem-solving, 83% said they were more likely to study A level Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics post-16 (or had committed to doing so before they arrived).

Their spirit guides for the day’s journey into the heart of maths were Adam Townsend, Ben Sparks, Sinead Vaughan, Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva and Matt Scroggs. This troupe of professional mathematicians and maths promoters revealed the maths behind chocolate fountains, game theory, braids, the game of SET and magic tricks. These hands-on workshops were capped with a fun maths roadshow, in which teams of students pitted their wits against a variety of maths problems. One student spoke for many when she said: “it was such fun and gave you ideas of other ways that maths is needed”.

If you’re interested in enrichment events, please explore the AMSP’s events listing.

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