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The AMSP’s annual Year 10 maths challenge, Maths Feast, is returning for 2019! Teams from around the country are invited to compete in our fun educational competition, designed to test problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills.

Regional contests are taking place around the country in early 2019. Each event lasts approximately three hours, and tasks teams of four students with tackling our all-you-can-eat feast of maths problems. What’s on the menu? Well, that would be telling – however, we promise that content will be familiar to most Year 10s, and will include both recreational and more traditional maths problems. There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success. 

There are no heats or finals to this fun enrichment challenge. Awards will be given for good teamwork and for the winning team of each round. Participants can then take Maths Feast materials back to their schools, where they can be used to enrich learning in the classroom.

Some student reviews on last year’s feast:

  • “The best round was the relay, I enjoyed the pace and structure of it.”
  • “Four in a row was fun and fast-paced. We had to work together and rely on teammates.”
  • “All the rounds were enjoyable and challenging.”

Heats are taking place across the country. You can find your most convenient date and team by exploring our new events listing. Reserve your table today to avoid disappointment! 

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