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Stephen Wilkinson, Regional Lead for the East Midlands

Core Maths is the new level 3 qualification for students who achieved at least a Grade 4 (formerly a Grade C) at GCSE mathematics and wish to develop their number and statistics skills so they may apply these in study, work and everyday life.  Studying Core Maths can help with other A level subjects including sciences, geography, business studies, economics and psychology.  

Core Maths has been designed to maintain and develop real-life mathematical skills. For example, most Core Maths courses include a financial mathematics element so that young people are better ready for living away from home, and for adult life.

The AMSP can provide tailored support for you if you are considering offering Core Maths. We provide Core Maths professional development across the region, and, if it would be useful, we are able to visit your school to brief teachers and leaders about the qualification and advise you on possible models of delivery.

Your local Maths Hubs is likely to be running a Core Maths Work Group. These provide an opportunity for teachers to get together and develop pedagogy and look at resources to support pupils getting the best experience when following the Core Maths course.

Please contact your local AMSP Area Coordinator if you are considering offering Core Maths and would appreciate some advice and support.

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