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You’ve done a great thing in supporting your young person to make the best choices in their future study. But why? Let us explain…

Supporting young people

As parents and carers, we know you want to help your young person succeed and thrive in the adult world. You may be wondering what options are available to them after their GCSEs or asking how important maths is in enabling them to have a happy and successful future.

Maths may have changed a lot since you were at school, making it difficult to feel confident in supporting your young person. Don’t worry, we are here to support you with the latest information on post-16 (and post-18) maths options so that you can give them the best possible guidance. There are three main paths involving post-16 maths qualifications you need to know about:

  • Core Maths
  • AS/A level Mathematics
  • AS/A level Further Mathematics

How does studying maths post-16 benefit young people?

Studying post-16 maths develops skills such as numeracy, graphical skills and problem-solving. These skills all come in handy in various careers. Math skills are valuable not only in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, but also in creative fields such as graphics, fashion, filmmaking, and many others. Some employers, apprenticeship providers, and universities will either require or recommend young people take a post-16 maths qualification. So, it’s worth researching the career path they want to take and the options available to support that.

When looking at post-16 courses, such as T-levels or other A levels subjects, you will notice that many involve some level of maths. To help support this, carrying on with some form of maths can be very beneficial to achieve high grades in those subjects.

Who are the AMSP?

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) is dedicated to helping students study maths after their GCSEs. We want to help you help your young person achieve their full potential. Here at the AMSP, we strive to support their enjoyment of maths, help them make the best choices in their further study, and guide them to make the most of their maths skills.

How will a young person know which post-16 maths qualification is right for them? 

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