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On 4th October a group of 19 teachers gathered at the NCVO to explore practical approaches for embedding technology in A level teaching. They were keen to find out where, when and how to use technology to enhance their teaching, hence enabling their students to gain a deeper and more cohesive understanding of the different topics within A level, which is a key requirement for effective problem solving.

They experimented with a range of technologies, including GeoGebra, Desmos, Excel, Autograph and graphical/scientific calculators, and explored teaching activities, tasks for students to complete, and strategies for exploring the large data set. They finished by examining approaches for supporting the use of technology across a department, discussing which would be most appropriate for their department.

The teachers agreed that having the time and opportunity to explore different elements of the various software packages was invaluable in terms of improving their knowledge and confidence, and helped them to identify opportunities for using technology in future lessons.

By Sinead Vaughan

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