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Maths university admissions tests present a challenge to both teachers and students, as they require a higher level of mathematical experience than A Level examinations.

We are thrilled to announce that representatives from STEP, TMUA and MAT have kindly agreed to run sessions at our University Admissions Tests Teacher Conference, which is being held on Tuesday 31 March 2020 at University College London. This is a unique opportunity and it has never been done before. Come and join us to gain clear information about the mathematical expectations of the admissions tests from the source.

The event will consist of short sessions on each of these three maths admissions tests, followed by a session with the corresponding test representative. Speakers include Dr David Robson (Senior Manager for STEP and TMUA, Cambridge Assessment) and Dr James Munro (Admissions Coordinator, University of Oxford), and active sessions will be led by Sinead Vaughan (AMSP/UCL IoE), Claire Metcalfe (STEP Support Programme, University of Cambridge) and Dr Richard Lissaman (MEI).

This event is not to be missed. If you are interested in attending, please visit the AMSP website.

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