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Pat Cobb, AC for Bath and North East Somerset, City of Bristol, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire (Chippenham area)

With the new linear A levels requiring all students to study both mechanics and statistics, the AMSP South West team have responded to teacher requests for mechanics professional development with a series of twilight sessions for teachers.

AMSP Associate and mechanics expert Ted Graham has led a series of four practical sessions hosted at Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire. The teachers attending had the opportunity to discuss teaching concepts, such as projectile motion or Newton’s Laws, and to link these discussions with practical experiments they could use in the classroom. As one teacher said: “It brought the theory to life with just a small amount of props!”.

We are always keen to respond to local demand so please let us know if there is anything you or your department are interested in professional development for. Keep in contact by emailing Pat Cobb at [email protected].

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