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GCSE to Core Maths transition resources – Core Maths Skills

Core Maths Skills is an online course for students who are in Year 11 and who are considering taking Core Maths in Year 12, or who are intending to study A level qualifications with mathematical content such as Geography, Business Studies and Psychology. This resource will help students to consolidate GCSE Mathematics techniques in contexts that support effective transition to their new studies.

The Core Maths Skills course will cover the following areas of maths from GCSE:

  • Measures and standard form
  • Percentages
  • Data tables, averages and spread
  • Estimation and accuracy
  • Interpreting graphs and charts (statistics for life)
  • Probability
  • Proportional reasoning

To use the resources, students will need to complete a self-registration process. Please share the self-registration information and form with your students. Teachers in AMSP-registered schools can access this course using their free account – the maths department will have a log in. Schools which have not yet registered can register now for free on our website.

GCSE to AS/A level Mathematics transition resources

A set of resources has been developed to support your students in smoothing the transition from GCSE to AS and A level Mathematics.

Six essential skills have been identified for a smooth transition:

  • Simplifying
  • Expanding
  • Factorising
  • Rearranging
  • Solving
  • Sketching

Our resources focus on how these essential skills are applied across a series of key topics. Each set should provide approximately three hours of work for students and is fully resourced with either written worked solutions, video solutions or links to websites. The extension activities will help to further develop ideas, according to the students’ engagement and interest.

Students and teachers can access these resources on the AMSP website.

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