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We had a thoroughly rewarding time at our online event on Tuesday 15 June 2021. Never had ALT, = and \ seemed so attractive!

These were just a few of the tips to help us with shortcuts when using Equation for Word and PowerPoint. We investigated Unicode and, for those of us that were new to it, there was a whole world of enlightenment available just by pressing the space bar after typing 1/(1-x^2) when in Microsoft Equation… give it a try it if this doesn’t mean anything to you!

A few more advanced teachers looked at Latex and explored what was available to solve some of Ben Sparks’ (who led the session) challenges. It might just have been me who thought that 90 minutes was well-spent in saving many hours of clicking on icons and drop-down menus. It definitely beat the useful ‘Ink to Maths’ function in PowerPoint that I used extensively last summer.

If you have ideas for topics that you’d like to see explored in future Teacher Network meetings, please contact your local Area Coordinator.

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