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Jennifer Thwaites and Rachel Gillmon work part time for AMSP. They are serving maths practitioners with current experience of leading maths teams. They also work as senior leaders. Both are Specialist Leaders in Education for maths.

Jen and Rachel are now running a second professional network for maths teachers in Salford.

They are convinced that professional networks raise the profile of better mathematics teaching. Teachers who have been part of the previous networks now share strong practice. These networks provide high quality mathematics professional development for staff. This has helped more pupils access the full maths curriculum.

Effective networks are the key to ensuring pupils achieve their best. This new maths teacher network operates out of St Patrick’s High School in Salford. It aims to improve the life chances of children. This network is an incubator for providing pupils with a good mathematical education. To achieve this, teachers work collaboratively together. This will help to inspire pupils to learn mathematics beyond the age of sixteen. Recent network activities have taken pupils to mathematics projects outside of the curriculum.

Both Jen and Rachel look forward to working for the AMSP. They also welcome working collaboratively across the North West. They want teachers to enjoy the continual journey of improving maths for all. If you are interested in joining this teacher network then please contact Jennifer Thwaites or Rachel Gillmon.

The next maths teacher network meeting is on 17th March 2020 from 3:30pm to 5pm at St Patrick’s High School in Eccles.

By Jennifer Thwaites

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