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One of the most popular activities on AMSP enrichment days in the East of England region has always been the Dragon Quiz, which is a competition for teams of students. Although we haven’t been able to bring schools together for full-day enrichment events this summer, we have found ways for students to still enjoy the Dragon Quiz.

The Dragon Quiz sees teams of 3-5 students working together to answer maths questions, with correct answers rewarded with dragons or parts of a large dragon. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the Dragon Quiz, so it fits nicely into a single lesson or can be one activity as part of a longer programme including talks about post-16 pathways and other enrichment or taster sessions. Where visitors have been permitted, the East of England regional team have run the Dragon Quiz in person in classrooms and school halls across the region.

To allow teams from different schools to compete against one another, we ran an online version of the Dragon Quiz in the East of England during the week beginning Monday 5 July 2021. 25 schools took part in one of the six different sessions offered over the week. If you missed this opportunity, please contact your local Area Coordinator to find out about future competitions and enrichment events.

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